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A personal message from Eric Stone and Wendy Johnson – Mr. Stone’s Children
Written on September 10th, 2020
Dear Continental Hearing Family,

For much of the past 50 years, Continental Hearing Aid Center and its owner Mr. Richard Stone has been an active and respected merchant on Piedmont Avenue in Oakland. 

Sadly, in late March of this year, Pop suddenly passed away (mercifully very quickly).  

Most days folks would see our father, known to everyone as “Mr. Stone” (“Pop” to us), walking his beloved Piedmont Avenue. 

Many affectionately referred to him as “The Mayor of the Ave.” He served several years as Piedmont Avenue Merchants’ Association president, was an active member of the local Rockridge Lions International club and volunteered as Santa Claus for countless children at Oakland’s Children’s Hospital every Christmas for more than 30 years.  

To his core, Pop was a true ambassador and representative of Oakland, his home, having been a resident of the community since 1951 and one of the original members of The Kings X Fantasy Football League on The Ave. 

Pop was known for saying hello to everyone he would meet on The Ave, giving out his company pens with Continental Hearing’s info on it, as he would walk from the office to the bank, his favorite lunch stops or simply to get out and be with “his people”. For those that were comfortable with it and knew him, there was a welcoming hug and “want a pen?” 

After a few months of fruitless partner exploration, we came to the conclusion that we had to permanently close Continental Hearing’s doors as of June 30, 2020. 

Conversations with several interested parties faded, due in part to COVID restrictions and concerns over operating a ‘new’ business at this time. Although there was interest, we were unable to keep Continental Hearing open. 

In our search for like-minded clinics and audiologists in the area, we were delighted to cross paths with the team at Berkeley Hearing Center, located less than 3.5 miles and less than 15 minutes from Pop’s office at 4321 Piedmont Avenue (door-to-door). 

Our father’s reputation and emphasis on client-centered care was the cornerstone for his business model. In our conversations with the gentlemen at Berkeley Hearing, we feel that “Pop” would be smiling at the alignment between the team at Berkeley Hearing through Audiologist/Owner Jonathan Lipschutz and Practice Manager John Chakan’s commitment to the same client care, service, and support Continental Hearing was known for. 

While Mr. Stone and Continental Hearing will be missed, we are confident, and find solace in knowing his clients will be given the same level of care that he took pride in year after year. 

Thank you for your patronage over the years. 

A Message From Berkeley Hearing Center
We take great pride in being chosen to continue his legacy to ensure that all patients of Continental Hearing Aid Center are able to continue to receive the high level of hearing care they have grown to expect.

With our doors first opening in 1955, we’ve had the honor of becoming the most trusted hearing care experts in the South Bay by caring for thousands of patients, working with multiple local organizations and being trusted by many local physicians.

With many of Mr. Stone’s patients not receiving any form of audiological support since February, our initial focus is helping you.
Your hearing devices are likely to be over-due for a clean & check, and you may even be having challenges that need attention.

That’s why, as a way of putting our best foot forward and so that we can get to meet you in-person, we would like to invite you for a free-of-charge appointment where we’ll be able to professionally clean your devices and make any required adjustments.

You can be confident that you’re in safe hands with strict safety protocols and low-contact appointments that have seen us keep our doors open to support our patients throughout 2020.

To schedule your visit, please call the Hearing Health Hotline at 510-652-0405

We are on Channing Way with plenty of parking space available and outside appointments available in our private garden.

Alternatively, if you don’t need our help at this moment, please know that we are here for you regardless of what you need. Treat us as your audiologist – we’ll do everything in our power to help you.

We look forward to working with you.

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