How Private Practice Hearing Care Leaders Can Use AI (Artificial Intelligence) to Accelerate Their Marketing Efforts and Buy Back Time (Plus, The Big Warning of What NOT to Do)
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What is AI?
What is AI and how will it impact the wider world, and the hearing care industry (I’ll share three key predictions for what you can expect over the next 3 years)
Google Search, SEO & Ads
The Google vs Microsoft battle and the impact that AI is going to have on Google Search, SEO and potentially Google Ads (we’re approaching a ‘changing of the guards’)
The Power of ChatGPT
The three ways that you can use ChatGPT to accelerate your marketing efforts, develop content and automate your marketing communications
BIG ChatGPT warning
The BIG ChatGPT warning – the one thing that you should never do that could tank your organic search results 
The Best AI Tools
The best AI tools to buy you back time and build efficiencies into your clinic
Plus, much more...



Oli Luke is a marketing strategist behind some of the most successful private practice hearing care clinics in North America.

After building a digital marketing group and a direct mail company in the UK, Oli met the hearing care industry in 2017. With a small group of clinics across Texas, he implemented several unique industry-first ideas which delivered record results for driving upgrades and online growth.

Following demand for further help and ideas, he founded private consultancy group Orange & Gray alongside Phil M Jones to partner with a small number of high-performing private practices to help them to run strategic content marketing campaigns and grow revenue.
Orange & Gray have since grown into one of the most respected marketing consultancy groups in private practice hearing care helping some of the best-performing clinics in North America to accelerate growth and be at the fore-front of industry developments.

He now spends his time developing marketing strategies to help his “Inner Circle” members to continue to lead change, crafting high-performing marketing campaigns (typically over an obscene amount of coffee) and hosting the #1 marketing podcast in hearing care, The Business of Hearing Podcast
I'm continually in awe of Oli Luke. I started working with him in October 2019 and it's been the best decision I've made for my business since I purchased it. I could share with you all the astounding...

Kelsi Mangrem
Holland Hearing
Oli is a pure marketing genius. He has a knack for understanding business, branding and messaging. He can craft a creative message to the audience you are targeting that costs you very little and makes...

Julie Hubik
Cornerstone Audiology
Oli was able to help us think of new ways to communicate with our clientele and our referral sources and to strengthen those relationships. He learned about my business and my employees...

Tracy Board
Audicles Hearing